Friday, 10 December 2010

HTC Wildfire Tips tricks and stuff

So with Christmas around the corner and phone stores everywhere trying to flog you a smart phone, you want to know as much as you can about them....right?

Well although I can't tell you everything you may want to know I can help you with the one I've got, the HTC Wildfire. A cheap and well rounded HTC that look as attractive as any other smart phone out there at the moment and although not the most versatile is one of the best introductory Android phones out there. Although the phone is a solid one and has a fully fledged review here. You'll probably want to know more than just want a
review gives you, so lets look at some of those useful little things that every phone user wants to know.

So firstly something that the you'll find yourself using more often than you'd expect, using the phone as a torch isn't something most would think they will find as a bonus, but it actually is. To read how to use the phone as a torch, by using either it's inbuilt “Flashlight App” (which uses the Camera light)
click here,  though of course that guide also teaches you how to use the a free App to use the screen as your torch light.

A common question regarding the phone is “how do I select my own ringtone?”A question that you will ask yourself unless you've been shown how to set it. Heck even the in built menu doesn't pose any help at all. If you're one of those that likes to set your own music for a ring tone then I must urge you to give
this guide a click. Although it's not a pictorial guide it is easy to follow and talks you through all the steps you need to look at.

Of course you'll not want you're phone getting scratched and any tips to prevent damage to it are advisable. As well as remembering not to try and use a stylus (they don't work with the screen) you can read a variety of common sense tips in
this guide of “How to prevent your screen being damaged”. It may not be anything ingenious but it is certainly useful. Although that's not a money saving tip, one that is is connecting your phone via Wi-Fi where ever possible. The reasons can be found here, though a description on hos it's done is actually very simple. On the home screen press “menu” then find wireless, click on Wi-Fi and find your normal connection (generally your home internet, though also things like “The Wi-Fi Zone- The Cloud”. For your home internet you will have to have the WPA key the first time.

Whilst on Wi-Fi why not make the best use of your phone and either listen to one of any number of digital radio stations from the amazing
TuneIn Radio App (that's currently free from the Android market) or watch Youtube through the phone. Though of course if neither of those please you, you can generally find a way to watch live TV from a website like (though it's limited to the UK sadly) totally legally (at time of publication it is legal).

When your sick of Apps or have just need to free some space on your phone there's 2 ways to delete them from your phone.
Have a read of both of these techniques here. They are sadly not the most logical of ways but they both work brilliantly.

Of course there is much much more to the phone than just those tips and tricks above as well as the tricks that can be found in
this “Tricks and Tips” article. Feel free to google around and share these tips, I'm sure any of your friends with, or getting this or similar phones will find them really useful.