Monday, 23 May 2011

How to set a different theme on your Samsung Wave Cell Phone

 As with all the guides we start with the home screen the press the menu button the phone to open up the menu. With this guide in particular try and remember what the home screen looks like as it'll look very different by the end of this piece.
 From the menu screen you need to click on "Samsung Apps", it's in the top right hand of this image, though for some users it will be in a different place depending on how you like your menu screens. As with the homescreen this will look pretty different after you've set a different theme.
 In the Apps menu you need to either "search" for a theme or click category and find one. This guide will be done via the Category option as it makes this easier and more simple.
 The category screen looks something like this, you need to scroll down to find "Theme" as can be seen below.
 As I'm a cheapskate I've gone for the ones that are "Free"and picked a few to try. From here they may end up on a menu screen and need installing as well as downloading (though it seems not all of them do need installing).

 After you've downloaded your themes you will need to go back to the menu screen and then enter the settings menu (see left) from here you need to click on "Display and light" and open the the menu's in there.
 In the "Display and light" menu you need to click on "Theme" and you'll find the themes you've downloaded. By default there is only the "Default theme" though after you've downloaded a few more themes you'll be able to select one of those.
 This is the screen that will show all your themes, as you can see I've only actually downloaded 2 on to the phone (and kept the default) so my options here are quite thin though. One of these options is is "cyberpunk" which is what you'll see on the screenshots below which are hugely different to the way the screen looked to begin with.
 This is the new homescreen with the "Cyberpunk" theme set, as you can see the homescreen image is different and the icons at the bottom have also changed. Even the icons on menu scree have mainly changed as you can see in the image below. To change the theme back you can easily go back to the "Display and light" menu and select the default one or any other ones.

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