Sunday, 22 May 2011

HTC and the effects

 Staying on the aspect of photography and the HTC Wildfire's camera I've had a short and quick play with the various effects on the phone. Some of the effects are far more fun to use than others though I'll assume they each have their own function at times. Lets have a look at the pictures taken with the setting, they are all of the same fruit bowl placed in the same place just for comparison purposes.

This was the picture taken with out any effects on. This allows us all to see what the image "should" look like. Although, as with all the pictures on this site, it's not perfect it's here only for comparison purposes.

This is the image taken in taken in "Grayscale" and as you can see the colour has been completely drained out of the image in what is referred to as being taken in "black and white". This can be a great effect if used properly and when used in portraits it can make peoplem even me, look rather good.
"Sepia" turns things brown, it can be one of the more useful effects and can give a good aging feel to pictures. In the case of this setting it's not very useful though in some scenarios it's the best option to give the photograph some real character.
"Negative" looks something like this, it "flips" the colours, or if you rather it "inverts" them. The pictures taken this way can look rather cool (a picture taken at the very end of this article shows off some of the ability of a negative). The inverted colours can be pretty awesome though if used cleverly and a better photographer can really take some amazing pictures using the effect.
"Solarize" changes the photographs colours by inverting them in a different way to "Negative" although it's difficult to really explain by someone like myself all you need to really know is that it can give some great effects or some worrying effects. Looking at the oranges in this picture it looks like the oranges are rotting due to the effect.
"Posterize" is a funny effect that never really seems to look particularly great. The idea behind it is that the it makes tone really stand out from each other and is an incredibly artistic tool. In all honesty most folks just wanting to take general photos should avoid it as it rarely sees a novice photographer taking anything better than wasted shots.
This is the phones final effect and one called "Aqua". It gives the sense that photograph was taken in water and adds a blue tint to photographs. In this example it doesn't really add to the photograph though as with all the effects it can be used in the right scenario to great effect. If you like playing with effects this really could be one of the most interesting ones.

This was an image taken with the negative setting and was taken just to show off how cool the setting can be. It's inverted the colours to brilliant effect and used the images on the TV to give a pretty impressive scene. The lighting on the consoles have been reversed and on the whole this really is a fantastic little example of how good the negative effects are.

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