Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Some more playing with the HTC Wildfire Camera

As with all the recent shots these were just taken with the effects of the phone, mostly with the Solarize and Negative effects, though some of them are pretty cool. This one is of the front of a car with the glove compartment being the most obvious part of the picture. The air vent really stands out as looking particularly awesome though.

 These were some really dull and boring green leaves outside of the car taken with the Solarize effect. The leaves went from dull and boring to bright, colourful and rather brilliant to be honest.
 This was almost the same image as above taken this time with the sepia effect. The image uses the lighting from above nicely to give the leaves a brown effect that looks old and worn. It's one of the few Sepia pictures I've taken that I've actually quite liked.
I think, though I may be wrong, that this was taken with out an effect and is again the leaves from above. As you can see the leaves aren't exciting and really did need sprucing up a little bit.
No effects picture of the sun on a lovely sunny day. This was basically taken as a test picture before taking some of the other sun pictures.
 The sun in black and white. Not the best picture of the sun though you can see the huge draining of the colours from the image, the sky and the leaves mainly.
 By the time this "Aqua" picture was taken the clouds had started to come across and hide the sun though it still seemed like a nice image due to the way the sun has decided to hide. Sadly it's really a bit boring and didn't have the artistic feel to it that some of the others do.
 Here is one of my favourite "sun" pictures, it's the sun solarized and it gives off some really cool looking effects. The sky has turned to a pinkish colour, the clouds, despite only being a light coverage, look angry and the sun looks like an explosion in the sky. It's just...beautiful!
 This is the sun negatived, it's not quite as as awesome as the solarized version but still pretty fun and artsy looking. The sun has become dark whilst the leaves have become light in a weird juxtaposition.
The final image, this one saw the sun hiding completely behind the clouds and as a result the light was kind of killed and as a result the sun just looks like a blob. It's a pretty awesome image in my eyes but others may think it sucks.

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