Friday, 10 June 2011

Cheapest places to get a Samsung Galaxy S2

After a very quick look on yahoo answers I recently found out one of the most popular questions about the Samsung Galaxy S2 was about the price. Although I can't guarantee that I've found the cheapest here are certainly some of the best.

Contract (direct with the company)
From Free with pretty much any network. The lowest tariff cost for the phone I could find was around the £30 marker.
3-The 3 network do the phone on a “TEXT 500” plan for £30 a month with 500 minutes & 1GB data
O2-The best deal from O2 seems to be their £29 tariff which comes with 600 minutes & 300MB data
Orange-The deals with Orange range from £40 (500MB data and 1200 minutes) though are far from the cheapest
T-Mobile-The cheapest “free” deal with T-Mobile is an odd one with a cost of £35.75. It includes 900 minutes, 500 texts and a 500MB data “streaming” allowance as well as a flexible booster (which will add unlimited texts)
Vodafone-The company I'm with actually offer what I regard as the worst direct deal with customers. They charge £41 for 1200 minutes and 750MB internet (deal only available online).

For anyone not already connected to a network 3 is the obvious choice if you want to deal directly with a network (as opposed to going through a retailer such as Phones 4 U or the Carphone Warehouse). I wouldn't advise actually taking up any of these offers to be honest. What is interesting, if you already have a contract with one, is just how much a company will try to keep you. In the case of Vodafone I know they bent quite a lot from their original price.

Contract (Via highstreet retailers)
Carphone warehouse-The deals with each of the networks are better than dealing directly with the providers, the best one I saw was with Vodafone for £30 which included 500MB data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. 02's best deal cost an extra £2 for 100 minutes more than Vodafone one.

Although I think we all assume going directly to the networks is cheapest it turns out using 3rd party retailers is actually cheaper (as they get discounts). The differences are huge and as a result I'd recommend you check out the high street retailers before you get your phone.

Orange-Not available
T-Mobile-Not Available
Vodafone-Not available

This was a surprise that only 2 of the big 5 networks actually retail them as a PAYG handset. It was also shocking that neither Phones 4 U or Carphone Warehouse offered them on a PAYG deal via their websites. Whilst we accept the cost will be high for the handset it's shocking to see just how much it actually costs.

Remember though these prices will change and are only accurate at the time of this blog going up. Any fluctuations are beyond my control

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