Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Copying texts on a Samsung Galaxy S2

 Recently we looked at copying text from a website, though lets be honest you may want to actually just copy a text message you've been sent by a friend. Whether you just want a to store it in the phone or use it in an e-mail or a forum post it's something that is surprisingly simple.

To start this guide we begin at a text conversation such as the one on the right hand side here.and fine a text we wish to copy. In this case we will be using the rather mundane "What's a boxing bag? hah xxx" text as our text. You need to hold on the
selected text for a second or two and a contextual menu will appear entitled "Message options" (see screen shot on the left). The second option down is the one we want to use, so select "Copy message text". This will automatically put it on the phones clipboard allowing you to put it wherever you want.

For the rest of this we are going to pretend we want to e-mail it to someone so we've opened up a blank e-mail using the Gmail app. and have helped down on the text input
screen to open up the menu on the screen to allow us to "Paste" the selected text from the message. and as you can see in the image below, the message has been compied from the text from "Bee" into an E-mail! Viola!

 Of course you can copy things such a cheat for a game, or something poetic someone has said (and something a little bit more spectacular than we've used in this example.

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