Sunday, 12 June 2011

Deleting pictures from the Samsung Galaxy S2 (the Gallery method)

So we've got a new Samsung Galaxy S2 and used the camera to take a few shots with the brilliant 8MP camera....except they're just not very good pictures and now we're looking through them we actually don't want to keep them. We sit there for a second or two and ask ourselves how we go about deleting them. As with most things with modern day phones there is always more than 1 method but lets just look at the most simple method.

Firstly go to the Gallery app and then click on the “Camera” option. From here we can see all the photographs on the phone and we can easily find which picture or pictures we want to delete. From the gallery mode you should press the either the menu button or hold on one of the image. After doing one of those you will see a small set of options appear at the bottom of the the screen including “Share via”, “Delete” and “More”. What you need to do is select the photographs you want to delete (placing a green tick in the corner of them) then press on delete.

After pressing delete you will be asked to confirm your choice, click on “Confirm deletions” and the selected photographs will be deleted from the handset.

Of course there is other options to delete the images using things like Kies or windows explorer (and a computer/laptop) as well as deleting directly from the Camera app (if we decide the picture needs deleting immediately) though for most occasions using the gallery app is the best, the quickest and the easiest. 

 This picture shows the menus that we see on the Gallery screen, press on the images to select them
 In this picture you can see the confirmation prompt, to delete it you need to "Confirm deletion".


  1. delete option goes away when the picture is selected.

  2. Hi hrb_2001,
    If the delete option disappears an alternative is to open the file manager and delete the file that way. Sadly that is more long winded than the 2 Gallery methods.

  3. i viewed an image from my mail..nd it automatically got saved in my gallery...when i select to delete it..delete option goes away...wen i share it..d file name cums to b googleuser content/hjhkskdhs) to delete please help!!!

  4. I've run into the same problem. I can't delete photos which I view and are automatically saved? Why is this - I don't want to keep all these photo's which are sent to me!!

    any ideas?

  5. Ive done this and the pics remain..??? I formatted the usb and they are still there? These are old pics from a different sd card that stayed and i have no idea how to ddelete them