Wednesday, 8 June 2011

...excitement over the Samsung Galaxy S2...

With my handset arriving in the next 14 hours I've had to devise a small list of what I want to do with the device here we go:
Film my beautiful girlfriend stripping in glorious HD- An obvious choice but also the best way to check out the video ability.
Watch bbc iPlayer- Yet to have a phone that's been able to do this so it's a feature I can't wait to use, and I'll be making the most of my 3GB total internet allowance!
Go to the beach and try out the camera- Living just 5 minutes walk from the beach this seems almost the best way to check out the 8mp camera.
Try out the office software- As a writer this was one of the most appealing things about the phone and allows me to work with out the need for my laptop

I'm sure there will be more but this is it for now.

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