Monday, 20 June 2011

How to access Swype on a Samsung Galaxy S2

The Swype app has become one of the more popular apps in recent times and the app actually comes bundled with the Samsung Galaxy S2. The idea of Swype is that instead of pressing the actual keys you "Swype" the letters from one to another and the system works out what word you are wanting to spell. The idea is like Marmite with some users loving it and some users hating it, though thankfully you can turn it off or on.

The big problem with the Swype application on the Smsung Galaxy S2 was that it's not actually that easy to find. You'd typically assume that pressing the menu button on the text screen (seen to the right) would do the job. Sadly it's not that logical, though thankfully it is very simple. On the image in the right you can see a section that says "Tap to enter message", hold your finger in this section to and you will open up a new
 in the screen which looks like the one on the left of this paragraph. From this little menu you need to click on "Input method" and you will open up another menu
that looks like the one on the right. Here you are able to select either "Samsung keypad" or that very well hidden "Swype" option.

Although not everyone is going to like Swype after using it it is easy to change back to the Samsung keypad by doing the steps above to open the menu.

If you select to use Swype you will notice the keyboard changes slightly (most obviously the addition of a "Swype" button and the symbols on the same keys as the letters) though the whole way you use the system is very, very different. I'd have to advise you to at least try it if you haven't before as it is very useable and smooth as well as responsive and different.

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