Sunday, 26 June 2011

How to add contacts to your Samsung Galaxy S2

So we've just gotten some hotties number and now we want to add it to our phone so we can call them (but only after obeying Barney Stinson's 3-Day rule). Though how exactly do you add a new contact on to your Samsung Galaxy S2 smart phone?

Start by pressing the phone button on the front screen to open up a screen like the one on the right. From here you need to simply type in the new contacts number remember to include any area codes (for landlines) that you may need as your phone will need them to actually make a successful call.

After you start to input a number you will see an option to "Add to Contacts" appear under the number. When you finish typing the number press this little option. You will then be asked where
you want to save the contact to, either your Phone or your linked Google account. You select which here, though I'd recommend using your google account personally as it will still be there when you upgrade your phone as well.

 When you've selected where you want to save it too you will have the chance to input a lot of information about the contact
(no not their vital statistics, hair colour or height) including name, e-mail address, IM address, Nicknames, even birthday.

Although it can be a little bit more effort than just typing in a number and adding the contact the Samsung Galaxy S2 (or SGS2) really does let you store a lot about your contacts. Infact if your the forgetful type it'll even help remind your about your anniversary (there is an anniversary option to store in the contacts, I kid you not). The contacts, should, sync up with your calender which is a wonderful little bonus and really does make life that little bit easier.

Remember also your contacts from Facebook if you've linked that accounts will be synced so you won't need to add everyone of those individually.


  1. Thanks for this clear explanation!
    It's a bit counter intuitive having to enter the number before getting the Add a Contact option,and, more annoyingly, there's no Save to Sim card option which is odd as upgrades usually involve using the same sim card if you want to keep the same Mb number.

  2. For some reason this doesn't work for me. When I choose add to contacts the options which come up are "create contact" or "update existing". Create contact allows me to add the phone number and name only with no additional info, and update existing is not applicable as it's a new number. I thought of adding a new number to Google contacts, but I have absolutely no idea how to access my Google contacts. apparently I have loads, which my phone can access, but I can't!?

  3. I had the same problem but worked out why. The only way you can have all of the extra details in your contact is to save your new contact to Google when you are creating it. If you are not prompted as to where you want to save when you create it then it means you have already set your phone with a default. To change this, go to contacts, select 'more' from menu, then 'settings'. The first option is 'save new contacts to'....change this to Google or 'always ask' if you don't always want them on know for a number you might have temporarily for the hotel you're staying at or something. I'd just save that to phone or SIM & wouldn't bother with the Google bit.
    Hope this helps. I previously had a Blackberry so was very disppointed with my Galaxy S2 at first but now all is good.

  4. Sorry. I just realised I didn't answer your question properly. Before you could start downloading apps on to your phone you would have needed to create a google/gmail account. If you have done that then any contacts you save to google will still show in your contacts list and will have the little 'g' symbol next to it to show that it's saved to google. Either way, it doesn't matter where it's stored. You will find all of your contacts in the same spot on your phone. The benefit might be that when you get your next phoned you can grab your contacts via google? I'm not too sure though.

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