Monday, 20 June 2011

How to put music on to shuffle with the Samsung Galaxy S2

 One of the questions I was recently asked about the phone was how do you play the songs on random mode or shuffle. Someone had told them that it wasn't possible with the default player, though I knew I'd managed to set it on to shuffle. Firstly you need to load up your music player. We are using the default "Music" app for this guide, though I know that other alternatives are out there.

The music app will look something like the screen to the right with a list of songs and bands. Sadly clicking the menu button here, which is how you'd expect to select shuffle mode, doesn't actually give you the option. What you need to do from here is select a track and load the track up so you get the song playing screen.

When you get a screen that looks something like this (it may show the album cover or a Visualization screen depending on how you've personally set it). Around the middle of the screen here you can see a "shaded" area with the running time (00:46 from 04:26 in this example) as well as the boxed A (with is the replay function) and on the left hand side you see two arrows. This is the shuffle mode. Just press it to select or deselect it.

Whilst this is easy enough it seems an over-sight not to have it accessible from just the menu buttons, though I think (I might be wrong) that this is an Android issue and not one exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S2. If you want to play your songs randomly this is by far the easiest way to do it and doesn't involve needing to download any applications.


  1. Wow, dead easy. I should've worked that out on my own. Thanks for posting this! Cheers, Paul

  2. Thank you !!!! What is the box to the right for ..?? ie the one dead opposite the shuffle button....mine has a capital A sitting on an arrow....

  3. The little box is the repeat setting, the capital A is for 'All'.

  4. I have been trying to figure this out for months! I must have accidentry touched the random arrows without knowing it. The random songs have been driving me crazy! Thank u for the help. I can finally listen to my play list in order. :)

  5. I have a galaxy note and have been trying to figure this out, too! It seemed absurd that in this day and age that the default music player would have no shuffle feature - I thought there must be one SOMEWHERE, but I couldn't find it! I agree, it should be listed in the menu. Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

  6. I just simply wanna know how i can download that specific picture/album artwork in the background... Its beautiful :))

  7. AWESOME! So many tips and tricks to figure out.

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