Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How to send texts to multiple contacts with a Samsung Galaxy S2

 When it comes to wanting to send the same message to a number of separate contacts you can do it a few ways including by copying  a text or forwarding. The easiest way however is to send the text to a number of different contacts. With the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone this is actually a lot more simple than some may first think. Starting with a new text message screen such as the one on the right you simply add a single
recipient, such as the image on the right that has "Bee" as the first recipient.

To add a second contact you need to click in the box that says "Enter recipient" and type the name of the second contact you wish to send your message to. In the case of this example it's "Callieflump Womble". If you wish to add further contacts you need to repeat this stage over and over to add all the contacts you want.

When you are done adding your contacts you will see the first contacts name and then the additional number of contacts. You then need to write the body of your text and click send. It's all rather simple and although there are other ways to do it this is probably the simplest way to send a text to more than one person.

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