Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How to stop a number calling your Samsung Galaxy S2

We all do stupid things when we're hot headed and say things we probably shouldn't in the heat of the moment. There's always a time where we want to avoid a call from someone when we know their about to call. Thanks to one one of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S2 you can "black list" numbers to prevent them from calling you.

To add a number to your black list you need to open the contact's page such as Scott's
shown to the right here and then press on the menu button on the handset. This will open up a small menu at the bottom of the screen with 6 options. The option you need to select is more then "Add to black list" when the option comes up.

When you've added the black list you will see a little blue sign next to the persons number (as seen next to Scott's number in this picture). If Scott now tries to call my Samsung Galaxy S2 he'll just hear a dial tone as if my phone was switched off! Now I can avoid the ginger virgin with ease.

 To remove a number from black list you can follow this method but click on "Remove from black list" when you previously clicked on "Add to blacklist".

Although you stop the calls coming through you DO NOT prevent the number from sending you texts.


  1. Doesnt work on my galaxy s2 ive put person on the black list and i can see blue sign on the right sight but person still can call mei dont know why

  2. Are they calling you with a hidden/with held number?

  3. This was working for me on galaxy s2, the version was 2.3.3
    later I upgraded it to 2.3.6 and blacklisting stopped working, I guess this is a bug in 2.3.6

  4. This guide was written for 2.3.3, I've just checked on 2.3.5 and noticed at least 1 other stage so I'll get the guide done for that in a few hours. It was a huge over-sight on my behalf, I'm sorry.


  5. Right OK read this new article: http://www.mobilephonetipsandtricks.com/2012/01/how-to-blacklist-numbers-on-android-235.html

    When they changed versions a small change was made that I never noticed. It's small and you can easily stop the calls with out too much fuss even though it was an unnecessary change by Android.


  6. Settings, calls, call rejection, auto reject mode, ONLY BLACK LIST. Its done ma8s

    1. Thanks bloke. This is the correct way to do it. Saved heaps of google time.

  7. how can i do this to my S2 version 2.3.6?

  8. i have S2 ver 2.3.6 and there doesn't appear to be a BlackList option anymore. am i missing it?

  9. I have an S2 with android 4.0 . I cannot get a call rejection/blacklist in setting. What am I not doing right? Is this an option for my version?

  10. The update took out blacklist bs

  11. There is no such "block" feature on my Samsung Galaxy 2. Yikes. This apparently is NOT an option for this phone! Let's try something else, okay?! Please!

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