Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How to turn the internet OFF on a Samsung Galaxy S2

 Whilst lots of people will be wanting to use their fantastic new Samsung Galaxy S2 to play about on the internet some people will either not have a contract that allows for mobile internet or will be wanting to save battery. One of the ways of dealing with both of these issues is to turn off the mobile internet. If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi connection your phone will always be searching for the internet even if it won't be using it. Of course if you have things synced up then the phone will syncing all the time which really drains the battery and can even add to your bill.

To "turn the internet off" you need to enter the settings menu (press the menu button
and then settings) then open up the Wireless and network sub settings men before scrolling down to the option called "Mobile networks". What you then need to do is untick the box that says "Use packet data". This will completely stop you from using the internet AT ALL on your phone and as a result you won't be able to search the net, sit on facebook or receive MMS messages.

Of course you can, at any point, go back and tick the box to turn it back on if you decide you do want to sit browsing the internet via mobile internet services (you can however still use Wi-Fi even with packet data turned off).

Hope this helps to both save you money and save your battery.


  1. Does this mean that if you connect to a home internet connection through wifi, then you are using the internet of the home wifi and not of the mobile ?

  2. Yeah it means exactly that. It also means, if you're not in Wi-Fi you won't get charged for anything sneaky (roaming, sync and adverts). In fact if your not connected at all to internet you can avoid adverts on some games (notably Angry Birds). There is a number of uses for it TBH.

  3. Thank you for this post. I have noticed that when i go to turn the data back on it comes up with a notification that "connecting via data packet may incur additional charges ". Can i ignore this message if i have a data plan? I have AT&T if it helps at all.

  4. I just discovered today i have been charged daily for internet when i specifically told the man in the orange shop i only wanted to connect to the internet when i was at home to my wi fi I am so angry!!! At least they only got just over £25 out of me ARGHHHHHHHHH bloody annoying! I just hope too many others don't fall into this trap!

  5. what is packet data is it the data attached to your contract because i can only use internet on my wifi though i have lots of data on my contract no one at virgin forum can help it seems

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