Sunday, 5 June 2011

Some of the best mobile phone deals around

I'm currently looking at an upgrade of my phone contract and after spending the better part of 2 days looking for some of the best “normal” deals on the market here is what I've found folks.

iPhone 4
The phone that promised to reinvent the mobile industry is still one of the hottest handsets. Although 3 seem to have some of the best deals for the phone iPhones the one I liked the most was with Vodafone and was offered by the Carphone Warehouse. For £35 a month you can get 900 minutes, 3000 texts and 500MB of mobile internet as well 1 GB of Wi-Fi (through BT Openzone) and this comes with the phone coming for free for 24 months. This deal was possibly only surpassed by those offered by 3 which include a 5000 texts, 500 minutes and 1GB of mobile internet for £35 a month. This deal sees you needing to £29.00 up front for the handset though it's still a solid deal.

If you don't like the iOS then you are almost certainly going to be interested in the Android system. The top 2 current Androids are the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation and although you would have though you'd have been paying an arm and a leg for them you can still get solid deals on both handsets.

HTC Sensation
The HTC Sensation is the next step forward for the HTC brand which is simply becoming one of the worlds leaders in the market. The cheapest deal I've seen this on is the £25 a month for 24 month deal that comes with 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB and is offered through Phones 4 U. The better deal however is their £30 a month deal for 24 months which has 600 minutes, 3000 texts and 500MB. The deal is usually £35 a month though for some reason Phones 4 U are offering it at a reduced price saving you £120 over the course of the contract. Both of these deals see the handset coming for free and so you are getting a top whack phone on a very good deal.

Samsung Galaxy S2
The new standard bearer for Samsung and Android is, like the Sensation, a really top quality phone and again there is a lot of good deals flying around. The best I could find was £30 a month for 24 months via Tesco in a deal that gives you 700 minutes, 5000 texts and 500MB of internet. Again the handset comes for free and the deal is an excellent one.

Depending on which of the three leading phones you want you should be able to get a solid deal on them. If you are looking to upgrade take these deals into account as they will almost certainly help you negotiate an upgrade deal.

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