Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ways to personalise your Samsung Galaxy S2

So far in this blog we've looked at both setting up a ringtone for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (or SGS2) and for changing the wallpaper (or homescreen) on the phone. Though there is more than just that to personalising your phone, in fact there is much, much more to changing the way your phone looks and operates.

Firstly you can set up your own "home screens", by clicking on the menu button and then pressing on the "Add" button which allows you to add things like applications shortcuts, widgets and a number of other things.

If we look to the left we can see the menu that allows us to add things like shortcuts. These are incredibly useful and can be placed along any of the 7 homescreens. These effectively help you move from the home screen to the apps swiftly and effectively. In my case the home screens each have their own uses
with the 1st homescreen being the general
activity screen whilst screen 4 (to the right) is what I've set as a gaming screen.

 As well as changing the way the phone looks you can also change the way the phone actually functions. You can download a number of alternative keyboards though with out even needing to do that you can change the way you type to changing the input method to "Swype". So far we have found 2 separate ways to turn one swype, which is a completely different way of writing texts.
Method 1 can be found here
Method 2 can be found here

As well as changing how you write texts you can also change the way all the text on the phone looks by changing the font on the phone which is incredibly easy and can again make a phone feel that bit like it's really yours.

Even doing things like browsing the net is easily personalised. You can choose from a number of browsers to use, not just the in built default one. Personally I'd advise using both the Skyfire and Opera Mini browsers and deciding which of those two you prefer.

Of course if you want to root your phone you can open up a host of other personalisation settings though personally I'm not looking down that alley so won't be looking at those options.

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