Thursday, 9 June 2011

Whats in the box: Samsung Galaxy S2

When you get a new phone you want to know what you are actually getting. What else comes in the box along with the device? Some old Sony Ericsson's for example came with a USB memory card reader for the phones memory card (though I'm not sure which phone it actually was, I think it was the K700i as we certainly had one floating around the house).

With the Samsung Galaxy S2 what we find in the box is the handset, the battery, as well as a mains charger, a USB Mini cable, the manual, hands free kit and replacement heads for the hands free earphones. By it's self the boxed stuff isn't amazing in quantity and personally I'd say it misses out on a memory card (though the phones huge internal memory of 16GB means that this isn't as big a loss as it could have been with other phones) though what you do get is incredibly high quality. Also if you order your phone with Vodafone you currently get a Pirates of the Caribbean box set containing the first 3 films in the smash hit franchise, a lovely added bonus thanks to Vodafone.

Whilst I will have a proper review done in the coming weeks after a real play with the phone, what I've already found out from using it is that the handset is simply amazing. The phone is fast, it's responsive, it's clear, the camera is simply brilliant, the video recording ability is wonderful and although I had reservations about the TouchWiz interface it's been nothing short of a pure delight to use. Whilst the boxed stuff does perhaps lack one or two things you will really need to go some to fill the internal memory before you get the chance to get yourself a memory card and due to the wonderful Kies air system the phone uses there isn't an excuse to leave too much lingering on the phone.

After just a few days of playing with it I've yet to find a single flaw with the phone and at the rate we're going I'm merely becoming more and more impressed. This really is a dream handset.

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