Thursday, 30 June 2011

Which folders do things go in on a Samsung Galaxy S2?

This site keeps getting people who have been searching for Folders on Samsung Galaxy S2 so lets if we can help.

This is just a list of the default registry files on the phone nothing else. The first list shows the directory from a Windows 7 (hence the "Computer") point of view the second is how you find it by using the phone.

Music: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\Samsung\Music
Screen Captures: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\ScreenCapture
Photographs: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\DCIM\Camera (stored as JPEG)
Videos: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\DCIM\Camera (stored as MP4)
Items downloaded via Opera: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\download
Items downloaded via Bluetooth: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\bluetooth

To find the items on your phone they can all be found via the "Gallery" application or the "Music" application.

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