Monday, 25 July 2011

How to accept or reject calls with a Samsung Galaxy S2

When you receive a call on the Samsung Galaxy S2 you will see a screen very similar to the one on the right. The next step is really easy and simple though some people do seem to be struggling with it (hence the reason for this guide).

What some people have been doing is merely pressing the coloured icons expecting that that will either accept the call or reject it. Instead what you need to do is "pull" or "drag" the icon across the screen. If you want to accept the call drag the green icon from the left of the screen across to the other side whilst if you wish to reject the call you drag the red icon across from the right side of the screen. Alternatively to reject the call you can leave it to ring out or even reject call with the message option.

To use the reject call with message function you need to drag the option up and then select the message you wish to send. Our next will look at setting up those messages to be personalised.


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