Saturday, 30 July 2011

How to add a picture from the Samsung Galaxy S2 Gallery to Facebook

 So we've managed to take a bunch of photographs with the excellent 8MP camera on the brilliant Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone and now we want to add one of the pictures to Facebook. Firstly we need to find the picture in the Gallery, so open up the Gallery App and find your photograph then press the phone's "Menu" button. After doing this your display should look something like the image to the right with options along the bottom saying "Share via", "Delete" and "More".
When you see the options mentioned above you need to click on the "Share via" option and you'll soon be greeted with a nice long list of possible choices with all the apps you can share things via. At this screen you need to select on on "Facebook"
after which you will quickly be taken to the facebook app and
asked to give a name to your picture (as in the picture below right).

After giving your picture an adequate title/name you need to click on "Upload" and the photo will be added to one of your facebook albums. Please note before doing this however that
you will need some form of active internet connection (be it
mobile internet or WI-FI) and if you're using mobile internet it will be taken from your allowance.

It is worth noting before you begin that photographs can take a while to upload. If you pull down the notification bar from the top of the phone you can "watch" it uploading to your facebook account. When it reaches 100% your photo will be in your facebook album (usually the "Mobile" folder or something to that effect).


  1. Hi,

    My "share via" option doesn't come with that long list. It only has AllShare and Picasa in it. How to have Facebook and other options in that list? TQ.

  2. Hi,
    Sorry, what you need to add things to that list are the applications. So downloading things like the Facebook app or the Plume app will add them to that list.

    Hope that helps.

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