Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How to hide your number when calling from a Samsung Galaxy S2

You may be one of those secretive type of people who wants to hide your number when you make out going calls. Whether you're calling up someone who you don't want to have your number (an ex for example, or someone you're prank calling) or whether you think calling with a withheld number will result in the person picking up your call we all have our reasons.

To with-hold your number on a Samsung Galaxy S2 is incredibly simply and here's exactly how you do it. Firstly press the phones "Menu" button then click on "Settings" where you will see a screen like the one to the right. Whilst here you need to select
"Call" which will open a screen like the one to the left.

On the Call Settings screen (the one to the left) you need to select the option entitled "Additional settings" which will be the final option before you enter the "Video Call Settings". This will open a new menu for you and the top option of this menu will be the
"Caller ID" option. This is the option you need to select.

 When you've clicked on Caller ID you will see a new sub menu pop up with 3 options (see bottom left). At this point you need to select the "Hide number" option.

With the option set to "Hide number" recipients of calls should get the call from a caller that shows as "Unknown" on phones that show the caller.

Although there are other ways, such as entering 141 in the UK before a persons phone number the "Hide number" setting is worldwide and will allow you to mask your number when and if you which to withhold your number.

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