Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How to search your Samsung Galaxy S2 for other things like music

 By now we know how to access the search feature on the Samsung Galaxy S2 by holding the menu button and we also know how to do voice searches on the phone but did you know the phone can search for things that aren't just via google, things such as messages, music or contacts?

Firstly we start at the search screen which you can see to the right here, on this screen
you need to click on the small google logo and you'll see a small menu allowing you to search through different things (see the screenshot to the left). As you can see in the screen shot there is a little grey icon above the empty space (directly below the voice search icon), pressing this opens a world of options (see the screen shot to the right) listed as "Searchable items".

 From the list of searchable items you need to click in the check boxes for the ones you want to add to google, web and apps (or which ever other defaults ones you may have). This for example allows you to add things like music to your search areas.

Now when you press on the google icon you will be able to select these different searchable items, which makes finding things like the track you want to hear or the message you want to find an absolute breeze compared to scrolling through them to find it.

As we can see in the screen shot to the right however, having a popular term searched for on the phone may actually not make life easy. Instead of searching for "Buckley" maybe I should of searched for "Jeff Buckley Grace". But you see the idea well in this image of just how effective and easy this is.

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