Monday, 18 July 2011

How to send video messages (MMS) from your Samsung Galazy S2

 So you've got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, one of the market leading handsets and you want to send your mate a video of something. To do this you need to change a few things before you start. Obviously you need to open the Camera application to begin then you need to select the video camera option (move the slide on the side from the camera icon to video camera option). After you've done this click on the "cog" icon for the Settings menu and change the recording mode to "Limit for MMS".
 After you do this you will notice one big change to the usual settings menu. The "Resolution" option will be locked out and lock in a rather poor rate of 176x144 a massive downgrade on the possible HD video recording ability of the phone. This is a bit disappointing though is simple to explain. The MMS system has a rather small limit on how much data can be sent, the low ratio means you can record several seconds of video whilst 1 second of HD video goes massively over the limit.

After you've selected the right settings then recorded your video you need to click on it in the bottom right hand corner (see the image of a garden in the image above) and you'll get a small menu at the bottom of the screen saying "Share", "Play" and "Delete". If you click "Share" you get the menu that is similar to the one you can see to the right hand side here. The option you want to click is "Messaging" which will open up the
recogniseable messaging screen you can see to the left here.

As my haphazard on screen guide says you need to add your recipient, your message then click send. This will count as an MMS message so beware if you haven't got an MMS allowance that it will be added to your bill (and can be quite a noticeable amount).

As I mentioned earlier, this won't be a video that will show off the HD recording ability of the phone though and it will, sadly, look rather blurry (even with the Superfine setting). This is due to the limitations of the MMS system and the networks own standard as opposed to the phone it's self. Hopefully future technology will allow for bigger and better quality MMS to be shared.


  1. or use youcast, takes awhile to upload files but it's worth it. :)

  2. It's a shame you can't use the Limit For MMS AND Self Recording at the same time. this would have been the most useful and logical use of the ability to send video via MMS