Monday, 25 July 2011

How to set call reject messages on a Samsung Galaxy S2

We can't always answer the phone, for whatever reason we find ourselves unable to talk but we don't want to be rude and just outright reject the calls. What we can do with a Samsung Galaxy S2 is set up a reject message. To set out own messages we press menu then open the settings screen and find the "Call" setting (second option down in the screen shot to the right).

In the Call settings menu you need to select the "Set reject messages" option. In here you will see a list of default messages that can be used (or edited for personal preferences) or added to.

In the reject messages screen you can select any of the 5 default
messages or create one from scratch to use when someone calls you. If you create one you can make a more personalised one for example "I'll call you back, just seeing someone in hospital".

To use these these messages we need to drag the "Reject call
with message option from the incoming call screen to the right. This is the screen where you choose to accept or reject calls though by selecting the bottom option you will see a list of your messages (similar to the list in the screen shot to the right) allowing you to select and then send the message.


  1. Thanks! Felt like the default ones are kinda harsh.

  2. I cant get the ones I put in to stick.there arent even any default ones since my phone was updated.galaxy note 4.0.4

  3. I am unable to create pre defined message in galaxy s2. Please help.

    Android version 4.0.4

  4. Hi can it be done in Galaxy ace S5830i where in "Reject With Message" is not in-built feature of phone??? Pls. guide....

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