Monday, 18 July 2011

How to sync your your Samsung Galaxy S2 calendar to Facebook

Thanks to the advancement of technology we no longer need to use paper based calendars. Modern day phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 have effectively made traditional calenders obsolete, we don't need a big paper thing on the wall when we have a mobile phone that stores everything. The biggest advantage however of modern day technology is that you can sync things together and rather than adding all your key dates to every calender manually you can automatically add things from facebook onto your phone.

The image to the right hand side is of the default Calendar application without facebook being synced to the the application. To sync facebook is actually really easy and to start you need to press the menu button then press on settings and scroll down to the option of "Calendar sync" which will look like the screen on the left. Here you will need to click on "Add account" and you'll see a screen that lists a number of account options. The one you need to select is obviously Facebook.

After clicking on facebook you will have to to enter your login information and select what you want to sync, the important option here is the "Sync Calendar" option (which will be the bottom of 3 possible options).
After you do this you need to check your Calendar again and you will then swiftly notice a number of blue dots on the calendar, these are the birthdays of your facebook friends just one of many things you now become aware of due to the calender.

For some they may still prefer traditional calenders but thanks to this swift and easy way of adding your birthdays and things to your phones calender it's getting harder and harder to defend buying calenders. It's yet another reason why smart phones are slowly becoming a vital gadget and becoming a true-all-in-one tool.

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