Tuesday, 19 July 2011

How to use the FM Radio on the Samsung Galaxy S2

One of the most useful functions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 android powered smartphone is the fact it has an inbuilt FM Radio. To access it you merely need to open the application whilst you have a set of headphones connected to the handset. The headphones act as the antennae so these will need to be connected.

When you first open the application it will do an Auto scan that will go through the FM frequencies and find any available channels.
All the available channels will be listed after the scan and allow you to select one to listen to in a list format (as you can see in the image to the left hand side). These channels, or stations if you prefer, will include national radio (in the UK these will include Radio 1, Radio 2, Classic FM) and local radio stations (in my case things like The Bay and Radio Cumbria).

If you click the phones back button at this stage you will open the FM Radio's normal interface which allows you to add 4 "quick select" channels along the bottom, quick scroll between channels by pressing the arrows and tuning it with the dial in the middle.

The volume can be controlled through the volume button in the top right hand whilst the player can be turned off via the control in the top right hand corner. Overall it's very simple to get to work and has a number of little tricks we will be looking at in the next entry on this blog.

Make sure your headphones are FULLY inserted, you may not get a working signal if they aren't fully connected.


  1. The AT&T version does not have an FM tuner as advertised.

  2. Seriously mate? Sounds a bit crap that AT&T have taken that out. Sure it's not just well hidden? It should be in the list of apps somewhere, would seem really weird if AT&T have taken it out but sadly I can't check as I'm in the UK with Vodafone myself.