Monday, 25 July 2011

A secret trick for the Swype keyboard

 We've all made a mistake when using the swype keyboard and managed to spell the wrong word. On some phones using a trackball to navigate to the mistake and correcting it is simple, on other phones however you need to accurate press on the screen and move to the error, this can be rather fiddly.

A hidden feature on swype makes the accurate movement of the cursor much easier than using the trial error of pressing on the screen. In the image to the right hand side is an error (the "us" should read "is") so we have to correct this. To start we run a finger over the swype key (bottom left key) and the 123 SYM key. Just pretend these are two letters.
After doing that you will see the keyboard dramatically to resemble the image on the left here with a host of new and useful tools to allow you to accurately and swiftly navigate to the error and delete it (see the screen shot below).
By using the arrows and the delete key to delete the error and leave the cursor where the error was. If you then press on the ABC key at the bottom you will be returned to the keyboard to enter the correct text.

In the screen shot below you can see the corrected text as it was supposed to look when it was originally written.

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