Wednesday, 10 August 2011


For a long the phone market has been pushing customers to contract deals on the basis that customers were generally getting better value. Calls, texts, internet and picture messages all seemed to eat into credit remarkably quickly and customers were finding you couldn't really....go far on PAYG, thanks to Giffgaff however you can feel like you're getting the best of both worlds. I'll openly admit I've got 3 Vodafone contracts I don't mind using contracts and feel what I pay was worth the cost due to the fact I've got myself 2 phones and 3rd one that I've given to close friend but if you've got the phone part sorted and wish to move to PAYG you should certainly give Giffgaff a look.

Giffgaff run on the O2 signal so have a huge coverage in the UK though the network is basically run by it's customers (who get rewarded for providing customer service style support). You've not got to call any foreign call centres, or argue with the man in the shop about what he sold to you as the terms are really straight forward. What you do is you buy a "monthly goody bag" that is genuinely bursting with value. For example the £10 goody bag is 250 minutes to UK mobiles and landlines, unlimited UK texts, unlimited Internet as well as free calls and texts to giffgaff mobiles.

You maybe thinking "monthly goody bag, that sounds like a rolling SIM only contract" but it isn't, the value is on par with the rolling contracts but if you don't want to continue your deal you don't need to, just don't top up until you want to. No strings, no long term deals, no catches, Giffgaff really is a perfect network for anyone on PAYG you should really give it a look.

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