Friday, 19 August 2011

How do I stop the poor framerate with the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD camera?

If you've been using the HD video recording facility of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and noticed some slightly poor frame-rates when watching the videos back you may be wondering what went wrong.

The simple explanation is "nothing" went wrong, it's just an issue with the lighting. When you want HD quality video you need to think about the lighting that the lens is getting. If you are experiencing frame-rate issues it's simply because the lighting isn't good enough and the "stalling" is effectively the camera lens "blinking".
To overcome this "blinking" effect you need to sort out the lighting one way or another. Sometimes it's not as easy as just flicking on a light switch though and the phone comes in with it's own option. You need to open up the settings menu on the camera screen then find the option entitled "Exposure value".  This option is basically the sort of thing that tells the lento compensate for poor lighting in the area.
The exposure value can be moved between -2 and +2 so make sure to move it up to at least +1 (though generally +2 will have the best effects). Although in normal or "good" lighting conditions this will lead to videos being "lit up" somewhat (to use laymans terms) in dark conditions this is the easiest solution to poor framerates.

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