Thursday, 11 August 2011

How good is the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S2?

 Having previously shown off how good the HD recording facility on the Samsung Galaxy S2 is it seemed about time to really play about with the other camera facilities, notably the front camera and the still 8MP photo's of the back camera.

All of the photographs on this entry have been taken on a sunny day with the phone outdoor using just the camera on the back and n editing at all (in fact even the settings were left to default) and were taken by myself (someone who really doesn't know cameras).

 As you can see in the photographs the colours are excellent, bright and vibrant the shapes are well defined and you can see minute detail on things, such as the pears on this tree, or the freshly cut grass on the lawn. The Shadow of the the tree really stands out as do the branches and if you feel the need to magnify the image and zoom into things you'll be pleased to know that you really don't get any piexlation until you really blowing it up.

Again with this pictures to the left you get a fabulous sharpness to the image, you get amazing colours and you can even see how the pear looks on the white background of the neighboring house. Although I'm not going to claim the photo is amazing it's hard to believe it was shot with a phone by someone who'd typically stick their finger over the flash in an act of clumsiness.

It's however not the pictures of the pear tree that really stand out but instead this pictures of the pink roses which is simply a brilliant demonstration of the sort of photographs even a camera idiot can take. The image is full of colour, full of detail and has a lot of range between light and dark and manages it all wonderfully well.

If you really worry about the camera quality I hope these 4 pictures have helped you realise that the Samsung Galaxy S2's 8MP camera is the real deal and in capable hands you will be able to take some amazing photographs.


  1. hi... could you tell me how get rid of Samsung font style in S2?? I would prefer any normal font but not Samsung anymore please...

  2. Hiya,
    Try this it should explain how to change fonts :)