Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How to add hotmail to your Samsung Galaxy S2

 So we all know about setting up out Samsung Galaxy S2 with Gmail to get out G-mail Emails sent to our phone and allowing us to swiftly and easy read them...though about about the "Email" application?
Well the Email widget you may have seen floating about on your handset is for other Email accounts such as Yahoo, Rocketmail or Hotmail. If you click on the widget you should see a screen like the one on your right. At this point you need to fill in your details in full then scroll down the page and click on "Next" (that is hidden in the screen shot thanks to the keyboard).

The phone will then connect with the server, if you've entered the details all correctly you should be asked to input a name and then you phone will appear to show a display like the one to the left as your phone synch's upto the e-mail account you've added.

With in a few a minutes your inbox should be synched to the previous few days and you'll have full access to your hotmail e-mails. Of course if you're not a fan of the way the phone sets it up (see screenshot below) you can instead choose to check your hotmail via an internet browser as you many do on a desktop.

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