Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How to change the dock icons on a Samsung Galaxy S2

On all of the screens shots of my home screens you'll have noticed same 4 shortcuts along the bottom on all the images, "Phone", "Contacts", "Messages" and "Applications". I've noticed some people have been asking on forums if it was possible to change them and it is indeed possible to change 3 of them. This illustrated guide will hopefully help you if you ever wish the change them (personally I like them there and find them to be most useful there).

Firstly you need to click on the "Application" icon which will open up the application draw and can easily be over 10 pages of applications in size. When in the applications draw press on the phone's menu button. After doing that you will see something like the screen on the left with three options along the bottom "Edit", "List View" (or "Grid View" and "Share app". From this menu you need to select on the "Edit" option.

After clicking on "Edit" you will see a that the bottom icons have a sort of shadow around them and that "Applications" becomes "Home". Aside from the "Home" icon the other 3 can be dragged away from the bottom and put into one of the App pages. As well as being able to remove the the "Phone", "Contacts" and "Messages" icons you can pull down other icons.

If you look at this screen shot to the left hand side  you can see I've replaced the Contacts, Phone and Messages icons with "Camera", "Gallery" and "Videos" though you can replace those 3 slots with anything you wish so you could, for example place a browser there instead of the "Messages" icon.

Again this is just one of the more advanced (non-rooted) methods to personalise your phone and give it your own touch so use it to make the phone suit what you do with it.


  1. Do you know if it works with the galaxy note ?

  2. Hey C3 (cool name). I can't talk for Scott, but I'd ASSUME it will work on the Galaxy Note as well as the S2. You'd probably be best off checking on a site like XDA just to make sure. CC.

  3. Yes C3, I have the Galaxy Note and was able to do this. Thanks!