Monday, 29 August 2011

How to create a playlist on a Samsung Galaxy S2

 Although iPhone users may think iTunes is the only way to listen to music on a phone they are, as usual, not correct. Whilst iTunes is probably the best way, it's far from being the only way. One of the things that all music listeners like to be able to do is create play lists, whether it's something like "Music to relax" or "Romantic" or whatever it is they like to be able to just listen to a specific selection of tracks. It's not only iTunes that you can make playlists on.

To make one on the Samsung Galaxy S2 is incredibly simple and this guide will show you exactly how to do. Firstly open the default music player and then select the "Playlists" tab and press the phones menu button. This will leave you with a screen that looks like the one on the right hand side.
After selecting "Create" you will see a screen where you need to enter the name of the playlist and then you will see a screen like the one on the left with the name of the playlist at the top (in this case "Mash ups") and the option to "Add music". Click where it says "Add music".

After clicking on "Add music" you will see a be given a list of all your tracks allowing you to select the songs you want. As well as being given all your tracks you can select "Artists" or "Albums" from along the tabs at the top of the screen if you want to narrow down the lists. You need to select all the tracks you want (in this case a bunch of mash ups) and then press on "Add" at the bottom of the screen.
After pressing add and going back to the play lists you will see your new playlist added to the list. Remember you can make 100's of play lists so one for ever mood (or every occasion). A great use for this is to keep all your podcasts into a single list, or even keep a specific podcast list (for example a "Fighting Talk Podcast play list").

Whilst this is simple enough to do on iTunes, owners of Galaxy S2's needn't feel ashamed by their phones music player either.


  1. Why should I have to do things twice? I have playlists (in itunes, including numerous "smart playlists" which save me from wasting hours manually choosing songs that go together). I do not want to WASTE my time manually re-creating them on my phone - it is incredibly tedious. Surely I should be able to do at least do this on my computer and then transfer. I have tried to import my itunes playlists into Kies. That works - but Kies does not provide means for me to port that playlist over to my phone. Man - this is like how it was to manage music 10 years ago when iTunes and the first ipod came out. I feel incredibly ashamed. So much so that I have have gone out and bought a ipod touch. Should have spent less on a phone that just does what it is supposed to do without endless workarounds to achieve a less than ideal solution!

  2. Hi JH,
    I think that what you say is fair enough and I can't answer it or defend Samsung/Google for it. The issue I think lies more with the current issues between Apple and the Android developers.

    Saying that however a number of apps will allow you to take your iTunes playlists, sadly they aren't on the phone by default and we've tried with the site to stick with the normal/default apps wherever possible.

    I'm not to used to using iTunes myself, but we did recently do a guide on "Folders" maybe this would be helpful to yourself? (that guide can be read here:

    Sorry for not being more use.


  3. @JH,
    It is easier then selecting each song individually. If you clear out your recently added playlist, then just add the music that you want to be in a certain playlist, you can then select all the music in your recently added playlist to go in whatever playlist you want. For example, say I am making a playlist called "workout songs" I would make sure my recently added playlist is empty, then add all the songs I want to be in my "workout songs" playlist, then when you open your music player on your device add all the songs in your "recently added" playlist to your "workout songs" playlist. With that said I am very fimiliar with Itunes and I know this is still another step from itunes, but it is much easier then selecting each song individually, it will also help with not forgetting what songs you recently added, thus no songs are being forgotten in the "workout songs" playlist.

  4. Danny, your suggestion is awesome. But I just discovered a much more EPIC, and easier way to separate songs in lists.

    1. Transfer songs to the device (most likely the folder "/media/music"), but keep the songs you want together in separate folders, these folders will serve as our playlists.

    2. Disconnect from USB.

    3. Go into the Samsung Android built in music player.

    4. Press the button to get the settings to come up and click "Settings".

    5. Go to "Music Menu"

    6. Check the box labeled "Folders".

    7. ENJOY! ^_^

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