Wednesday, 10 August 2011

How to edit contacts on a Samsung Galaxy S2

When it comes to phone contacts we all know they change with some regularity. Whether a friend has gotten a new phone with a different number, moved house and got a new landline, changed their e-mail address or even if you've just made a mistake when you entered their number. In fact with some many options to change (including groups and caller ringtones) you may find yourself editing contacts on a semi-regular basis.

To edit a contact on your Samsung Galaxy S2 you will need to open the contact page
and find the specific contact, in this case the contact "Scott Graveson" will be used as an example. When inside the contact page for the person you would like to edit you need to press on the phone's "Menu" button. The menu button will open up 6 small options at the bottom of the screen as you can see in the image to the left of the screen. From this you need to select "Edit" which will then open up the edit contact screen.

The edit screen will look something like the image to the right hand side here. If you've been following these guides for a while you'll have seen a similar screen shot when we looked at adding a picture to a contact, though in all honesty there is much, much more to all this. If you click where the number is displayed you can edit the number, likewise you can edit the contacts name by clicking in the name display. To add extra phone numbers (Work, Home etc) you need to click on the small (+) symbol beside "Phone", like wise you can add work and personal e-mail address and by scrolling down you open up even more options.

Thanks to all the options available you can completely over-haul a contacts details in minutes for any type of change in their life. The editing is easily done and also allows you to delete numbers with the same ease that you can correct and edit them.


  1. When I hit the menu button I get the same options (although in text, not with icons)however "EDIT" is replaced by "HISTORY" !!
    Any ideas?

    Thanks Nick

  2. Hi Nick,
    Would it be possible for you to e-mail me a screen shot to

    It may be down to the firmware, all the guides on this site have been done in the UK with Vodafone's firmware so that may be part of the issue.

  3. Thands, that all makes sense. Except when the contact is originally from an email contact, when i go in to Edit, i don't get an Add Phone option. I am forced to create an entirely new contact, and then merge them.

  4. I am also having trouble following the Edit Contact comments as when I press on the Menu button I do not get an option to add other phone numbers as mentioned in the instructions above. can anyone help a new user of Samsung II to edit contacts please??

  5. Nothing comes up at all when I hit the menu button. Nothing happens on my phone or my sons phone.

  6. Worst piece of shit phone ever. Nothing is functional. You can't get back to a screen to end a call, can't add a second # to a contact, can't edit.......

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  8. The iPubsoft Android Desktop Manager also can help you manager your samsung contact on computer.