Friday, 12 August 2011

How to make sure that Facebook syncs properly on a Samsung Galaxy S2

Whilst you may have added your facebook information to your Samsung Galaxy S2 and synced the phones up originally, and added contacts to your address book as a result you may have noticed some issues. In fact one of the big problems you likely will have encountered is that the phone doesn't notify you of messages or similar things. To sort this issue you may wish to read the rest of this guide.

The first thing you will nee to to is open up the "Accounts and sync" screen in the Settings menu. To do this press "Menu" on a home screen, then "Settings" and find "Accounts and sync". At this stage you should see a screen like the one to the right with with a number of various accounts synced to the phone. The one you need to select is
"Facebook for Social Hub" (you may have 2 facebook options so make sure you select the right one). After doing that you should see a screen like the one to the left with 3 options with tick boxes, make sure each of those is ticked and then click on "SNS setting". The SNS setting is the important option that many people haven't actually looked at, probably thinking it's rather complicated but it's a key option.

 After pressing "SNS setting" you will then be given a list with "Sync Calendar", "Sync Contacts" and "Sync Messages". You need to select one of those then you'll see a screen like this one with a list of options regarding to time. When you select one of those you will notice your Facebook will sync up that category (Contacts, Calendar or Messages) at the set time. Make sure you set all 3 so that the phone automatically
updates them when it needs to. So this will help keep your Calendar up to date and your Contacts synced if a friend changes their number (and updates their own facebook).

Sadly it seems that the minimum setting currently available is 3 hours so if you need to sync more regularly you may need to manually sync the app up just to keep up to date, though for normal people 3 hours could well be regular enough syncing time.

For most people they may have already assumed they were automatically syncing, if you've not found the phone to be synching make sure you check your SNS settings as that seems to be the common error.

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