Friday, 12 August 2011

How to use "Auto-full stop" with the default Samsung Galaxy S2 keyboard

 One of the better hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy's default keyboard is it has an "Auto-full stop"   mode. When this is accessed it helps to speed the use of punctuation in texts and instead of needing to press "full stop" and "space" you instead double tap space and a full stop will be automatically entered for you. This may not seem like a big feature but it's a nice time saving technique that some may want to enable.

The method shown in this guide starts at the text screen (see right) as that is likely to be
where you'll be when you want to use this trick. Make sure you are using the "Samsung" keyboard as well as it seems to be the only one with this little secret. When on the keyboard click on the "settings" icon (it's the cog near the full stop) to open the keyboard settings menu (see left screen shot).

When in this menu you will need to scroll down until you see the option "Auto-full stop"
which comes with a small tick box. When you find this option make sure to tick the box (like in the screen capture to the right) and you'll have activated the function.

A similar thing can also be done on a number of Blackberry's by just pressing space so if you've come from a Blackberry and have been missing that feature you may just feel a little bit more at home now knowing how to use it on the Samsung.

Sadly for users of Swype and most other keyboards there doesn't appear to be a way to replicate this small but hand trick on your keyboards, though if someone can find a way feel free to let me know.

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