Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Using the Google+ android app to add a picture to your account

 It is starting to look as if Google+ is going to become the next big internet thing, the site that really gives facebook a run for it's money and as it's from google you know it's going to be really pushed hard and fast. Although it's currently only at an invitational phase (leave a comment if you want an invite) there is already an Android app for it that can be downloaded from the market.

Of course if you have an account and the app you will obviously want to know how to upload pictures from your phone to your account. This guide will show you how starting from the home screen on the right. On the screen on the right you need to select "Photos" which will open a screen like the one on the left. From here you need to select which of the 4 options suits the photograph. For the sake of this guide we will be using "Photos of you" in the top right hand corner.

After selecting the "album" for it to go in from the previous screen you will see a screen a bit like the one to the right (though it will show pictures you've uploaded in the album in the background). What you need to do is click on the small camera icon in the top right hand corner (as you can see in the picture) and select an option.

After either taking your photographs or choosing them from an album on your phone you'll see a screen like this one on the right. On this screen you decide on which "circles" the pictures going as well as adding any other information such as descriptions and locations. After that click on "Post" and they will be uploaded either by Wi-Fi or network data.

For invites to Google+ leave your e-mail address in a comment or e-mail s.graveson.boxing@gmail.com and I'll send one out, though I have a set amount and it will be first come first serve.

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