Thursday, 18 August 2011

What are the best budget range android phones?

We know not everyone loves to be up to date and some people prefer phones that are a bit cheaper and and yet still hold their own. With so many Android phones available, we are going to look at the top 5 value for money phones that cost £150 or less on PAYG.

San Francisco
At about £105 new from Orange this is still one of the elite range of Android budget phones. The handset comes in either Grey or White though it's what you get for your money that's really good. Spec wise the phone looks very average as it's still running eclair and it's only got a 3MP camera though it comes into it's own with the ease of use and the smoothness of how it works. If you're an android enthusiast this isn't going to be pushing the android software to it's maximum though if you're a phone user who wants to dip your toes into android this is the perfect handset.

Samsung Galaxy Ace
This can be bought for around £150 new and is a very, very solid phone from a technical standpoint. With an 800mhz processor behind it and with an update to Gingerbread looking likely (if it's not already out when you read this) the phone really combines the specs of a much more expensive phone with a price that most can afford. The phone holds a very solid 5MP camera (which is now the sort of industry standard) a 3.5" screen and has many of the features of more expensive handsets.

Whilst it doesn't match up anywhere near bigger better brothers Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 it is still a very solid phone and one that combines the Android experience saving money and a solid handset.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini and Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro
At around £130 new the Xperia X10 Mini Pro (and for around £50 less the Xperia X10 Mini) are two budget androids with the Pro featuring a qwerty keyboard and come from Sony's growing Xperia range which look like being one of the growing forces on the market. Whilst the "Pro" version is the better phone it's hard to see if that £50 is actually worth the difference unless you really love the qwerty keyboards.

Whilst neither phone is going to blow your mind away neither is going to be a massive disappointment for people wanting an "advanced phone", if you are wanting a true smartphone experience however then you may feel a little bit disappointed. Though neither is a bad phone as such they're just "older" phones.

HTC Wildfire S
Easily the newest handset on this list it is as low as £149.99 from 3 (though you will need to buy a top up with it) and yet for the price you do get a huge amount for your money. The phone was the follow up to the original HTC Wildfire and yet has managed to be more than a simple follow up, it's been a huge step forward. The phones runs Gingerbread, it has a HVGA screen and although the processor (600mhz) and internal memory (512MB) are a bit disappointing compared to the high spec phones it really is a lot of phone for your money (and has an expandable memory slot).

The Wildfire S is a solid all rounder that provides a good android experience with a good solid phone and at a decent price. Though really if you have £150 to spend the fight between this and the Galaxy mentioned above really will be a tough battle, if you've only around £100 though get the San Francisco, you will not be disappointed.

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