Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What sort of accessories do phones users need?

So you've got yourself a brand new smartphone and you're wonder what you need to really get the most from it. Well sorry to tell you but you may find yourself forking out quite a bit to really get the most from your phone. Although you may have got some of these items with your phone, not every phone comes with what you may find your self wanting.

Wired hands free kit
Most phones come with these and most people won't actually use them for what they are made for, though hands free kits are generally more than just a hands free kit, they act as headphones. If you wish to use FM radio functions on phones you will need to use a hands free kit or normal headphone set, if you wish to listen to music or videos whilst on a train a hands free kit or headphones and if you wish to speak on the phone with out needing to hold your new phones a handsfree kit will again be the best way.
Although the linked item to the left is for a HTC headset most manufacturers do make their own so no matter what phone you have there will be available one for your handset.

A memory card
Whilst most phones tend to come with some internal storage it's often pretty limited and even when a phone comes with it's own memory card the cards are typically small and won't allow you to store a great deal of music, photographs and video. When you remember just how much data HD video takes up you'll swiftly be filling up a 4GB and even an 8GB memory card swiftly.
Most Android phones are currently using Micro SDHC, in fact many Blackberry's are also using the same sort of memory card. Typically phones can use anything upto the 32GB sized cards you can often find better value in the 16GB memory cards. What I do need to advise is that you stick to a reputable manufacturer, I'd advise SanDisk or Kingston.

Screen Protectors and Cases
You'll have, or will be, spending a lot of money on the phone so it's best to try and keep it in good condition. The best way to do that is to protect the screen from scratches and keep it protected with what are basically throw away covers. Whilst these can seem a bit meaningless to some folk other will find these sorts of things invaluable, even if the device is using Gorilla glass.
Whilst these are a lot less vital than memory cards they are still something some people will find to be incredibly important.

We also really advise giving things like gaming controllers a look such as the PhoneJoy which we recently reviewed.

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