Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Where is the best place to look for cheap contract deals?

In the past we've never really had a great look at where to get the best deals. We've looked at the best way of getting a good deal with your current network when you're upgrading, but what about if you're going to enter the mobile contract world for the first time? Where do you look as a first time buyer into this massive growing industry?

Most people will go to the high street, they will check out the general network stores and see what the networks themselves offer. They will generally expect better prices by dealing with Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile and 3 directly. If you're a little bit inquisitive you will likely then check out offers from Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4 U. Somewhat unexpectedly these two stores can often better the deals offered directly by the network, they do this due to getting discounts from the networks.

Now whilst most customers will look at those as the only 2 avenues (direct from the network or from a 3rd party on the high street) there is in fact another, much better avenue and one that has more in common with companies like USwitch and One of the major phone comparison websites is which, I've personally found to be the best.

An example of what I've found on Omnio:
HTC Sensation for £25 a month (handset comes free) with 500 MB of data, unlimited texts, 500 minutes with Orange

Directly with Orange for £25 a month with the phone you need to pay £199 up front and you only get 300 minutes and the texts (you need to pay more to add the data). In fact Orange offer NO contract directly where you get the handset (the HTC Sensation) free for under £30!

With Phones 4 U acting as the middle man you pay £27.50 a month with a free handset and get a slightly improved deal from the Omnio (700 minutes) thanks to a very generous special offer saving £7.50 a month.

With Carphone Warehouse their closest to the Omio deal is the same contract but for £30 a month and with a £69.99 charge up front for the phone.

As you can see there is a lot of discrepancies from place to place. Had it not been for the Phones 4 U offer the Omio deal would be the best by far...and in fact Omio SHOW the Phones 4 U deal anyway! See Omio is win win.

No matter what, I advise, strongly, looking on Omio before going anywhere for your next phone. Why go through a number of stores when you can do it by visiting just 1 site?

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