Friday, 9 September 2011

How to add words to the Swype dictionary

We all have place names or real names that aren't included in the Swype dictionary. For example I used to live in a little known village called "Silecroft" and that's never going to be a in a dictionary, lets be honest. What we can do however is add words to dictionaries and with the Swype dictionary that is incredibly.

To add words to the Swype dictionary you first need to enter the word letter by letter. For example for "Silecroft" we would enter "S-I-L-E-C-R-O-F-T" pressing one after the other (note you do need to press them, do not Swype parts of the word). After typing the full word just press space and the word will be added to the Swype dictionary.

Hopefully this guide helps you get the most from Swype.

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