Thursday, 8 September 2011

How to change the lock screen on a HTC Wildfire

As we all want out phones to be really "ours" we like to tinker with things like ringtones, fonts and wallpapers. With many phones however you can also change the lock screen wallpaper independent of the normal wallpaper, this guide explains how to set a lock screen wallpaper for the classic HTC Wildfire smartphone. This lock screen wallpaper will show up in the background behind the clock on the lock screen of your phone.

Firstly you need to press the phone's "menu" button and then select "Wallpaper" and then simply choose "Lock screen". After this you will be given 2 options "HTC Wallpapers" or "Gallery". If you want to just change the image to something generic feel free to have a look at the HTC Wallpapers, though I advise it's more fun to use a photograph of your own and searching your Gallery for a picture to enjoy.

Using a picture you've taken can add not only a nice personal effect by allowing you to display things such as a garden, your family, a sports team or yourself but also a smart little visual effect using pictures that were taken with added effect. In the wallpaper to the left the wall paper image was taken in sepia giving a rather antiqued look to the phone behind the clock and battery warning.

Whilst this is a little bit pointless it's a nice little thing you can change if you want to personalise your phone that little bit more with out downloading apps to really take a hold of your phone.

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