Thursday, 8 September 2011

How to delete text threads from a Samsung Galaxy S2

Due to the way the Samsung Galaxy S2 (and Androids in general) store the texts in "Threads" (or "Threaded conversations" if you prefer) the texts are kept pretty tidy by default. One of the best things about threaded conversations though is how easy they are to delete from the phone. Whether you want to delete some texts from an ex, a friend or just delete something a company has sent you, this guide will show you exactly how you delete those threaded conversations from a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Firstly you will need to open your text app, which should look something like the image on the left. This will show a list of all the text conversations on your phone with the persons picture, their name, the latest message and the date all being shown. What you need to do at this point is hold your finger on the conversation that you want to delete. For this example we are using "Tara Lewis" so I held my finger anywhere in her "block" (from the picture to the date).

After holding your finger down you will notice an option (see the screen shot on the right) with "View contact" and "Delete thread", at this point you need to select "Delete thread". After this you will be given the screen you can see in the screenshot to the left with a choice to "Cancel" or "OK" the deletion.

Please note- Only use this method if you want to delete all the messages in a conversation as that is what this does, it completely deletes the conversation from your phone. If you want to delete specific messages they you will need to open the thread and delete the messages individually.


  1. I already deleted all the msg threads however still there is a shell threads and all dated jan 1 1970. how will i delete that?

  2. Hi Toti,
    I really have no idea on that, I've never seen it before. I'd advise turning the phone off then back on and re-deleting them if they are still there.

  3. I get the same as Toti, mine are dated december 31st 1969