Friday, 9 September 2011

How to delete words from the Swype dictionary

We recently looked at how to add words to the Swype dictionary, it's only logical now to explain how to delete words from the Swype dictionary. I'm sure we've all managed to accidentally add words that we don't really want in the dictionary (such as "xxc" that I had typed when trying to type "xxx").

To delete the word you will need to type it by Swyping it, then highlight it (hold on it and then choose "Select word") and press on the "Swype button" (the button in the bottom left corner with a blue S and a finger). Pressing the "Swype" button will see a pop up on the screen asking if you want to "Confirm Word Deletion". If you are sure you want to delete the word press on "OK" and it'll be gone.

Of course you are able to re-add words if you delete a word that you do use, to do this you just need to follow the "add words to the Swype dictionary" guide linked to at the start of this guide.


  1. When I select and highlight a word that I'd like to delete (in this case "st," which appears when I try to write "at"), and then strike the Swype button, all I get is a list of possible words. I do not get an option to delete the word.

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  3. Same as the above comments for me.