Thursday, 15 September 2011

How to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy S2

 With modern phones we seem to end up passing them on to friends and family though before we pass them on we need to give them a factory restore to delete all our information from the phone. This guide will show you how to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy S2.

Firstly you need to open up the phones settings menu and scroll down to "Privacy". The privacy screen should look like the screenshot to the left with 3 options but the key one is the bottom option, "Factory data reset". Click on the "Factory data reset" option and you will see a new screen.

The new screen will look something like this one the one on the right of this article. It will explain what a factory reset actually does so make sure to know what a factory reset is. Also make sure you actually do want to factory reset your phone before going any further.

When you've read everything and are sure you still sure you want to reset the phone click on "Reset phone" at the bottom of the screen and then "Erase everything" on the screen that follows.

After this the phone will go into an "auto-pilot" and stop you from doing anything as it resets the phone to it's "new" factory state. This will delete everything stored on the "internal" storage (so contacts, apps and system settings) as well as erasing all accounts associated with the phone (so the handset will no longer be getting E-mails, twitter alerts etc).

Whilst this guide is specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S2 which are where the screenshots are from most Androids can be factory reset in a very similar way and hopefully it answers the question of "How do I factory reset my phone?"


  1. Do you have any idea if I need to take the SIM card out before doing a factory reset on the SGS2? Thanks.

  2. Hi, sorry been ill and away. You don't need to take the SIM card out to do a factory reset.

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