Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How to save pictures from the internet on a Samsung Galaxy S2

We've all seen pictures online that we like and we want to keep. Using a Samsung Galaxy S2 this is incredibly simple and this guide will show you how to take the images you see on the web and download them directly to your phone. Firstly you'll obviously need to find a picture you want to use and go to the webpage with that image, for the sake of this example we're using this websites own article on taking screen captures with a Galaxy S2 (see the screen shot to the right).

When you find the image you need to hold your finger on it for a second or two before being given a contextual menu like the image on the left of the screen. You will need to scroll down this list to "Save image" and then select it.

To find the image on your phone you will need to open up your "Gallery" app and you should find the image in a folder called "download".


  1. How about from Facebook wise guy?

    1. I went to the pic on Facebook from my mobile Nd clicked on the view full page link and it automatically downloaded it. There are time wjen the hold finger method works but there is defiantly an issue with it

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  3. Ok I don't even know if this comment will be replied to but I have to try. I did exactly what it says above, and when I open the image in the web browser and hold my finger on it to open the save menu, nothing happens. In short, no such save menu appears. I can't save the pictures I want from the net. Now I should mention that I'm using an image from Google. When I search it and all the small thumbnails come up, then I do have the option to save the image once I hold my finger on it, but it seems like a waste of time because the picture I'd save by doing that is just the thumbnail. My problem occurs when I click on the thumbnail to open the image.

  4. Hi "What am I really...?"
    Could I ask what firmware your using and what browser? Could you possible use a different browser?

    Devil Z,
    I'm pretty sure this trick works on facebook own site, the app however is different IIRC and you'd need to "send to" somewhere like box or dropbox and retrieve the image that way.

  5. Its easy to save a picture from facebook onto your samsung s2. first, download photo editor app, then open the picutre on facebook. press menu on the bottom of your phone. Select share. select photo editor. it will not save it if you select save right away. you have to do something to it fiirst. i choose contrast. You can brighten it just one level then go to the option SAVE. thats it.

  6. hi im having the same problem as : what am i really...?

    i tried on google on yahoo but itz still the same i dont have this option asking to save copy etc

    in fact it says:
    new window
    add bookmark
    share page
    save for offline reading
    downloads (this one i tried it but nothing happens)

    please can u help me

    i even tried to download a free app abt downloads etc on play store also the same

    plz can u help me

    thanks in advance