Friday, 9 September 2011

How to use the inbuilt Task Manager on a Samsung Galaxy S2

 We've all become well accustomed to task managers in general, especially Windows PC users who may use it to close programs that aren't running properly or have become resource hogs. Due to the fact phones are now mini computers they two have got task managers.

In the past Android users generally relied on 3rd party apps such as "Advanced Task Killer" to close apps that were using up the battery or not running properly. After all this is what PC users were doing at home, the problem was that the "Advanced Task Killer" wasn't actually as good as people thought it was.

With the move from Android Froyo to Android  Gingerbread Google started to include
there own, much better Task Manager. This allowed you to accurately and proper close apps that were draining your resource or had basically crashed. With the Samsung Galaxy S2 you just need to hold the home button for 2 or 3 seconds to get to the shortcut to the Task manager. If you see the image to the top left this screen appears when you hold the home button, if you click on "Task manager" you will get taken to the screen on the right.

From the screen on the right you can see the applications you have open and and the ability to close (or "Exit" them) as well as clearing the memory (click RAM) or checking free storage (click on Storage). This is much simpler and much more effective than "Task Killer" apps you'll find on the market and is really where you should head if you feel your app has frozen.


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