Sunday, 4 September 2011

Posting youtube videos to facebook on an Android phone

 So you've found an awesome youtube video whilst surfing the web on your Android Smartphone phone and now you want to share it with your friends, but you don't know how. This guide will explain, in details, exactly how you share any videos found on the youtube app with your friends on facebook, twitter, google+ or any other social networking app.

First you will need to load up a video in youtube and make sure the view is set to the portrait view. This should look something like the image to the left and at the top of the screen you can clearly see "More", click on this.

After clicking on "More" you will see 5 new options open up on the screen like in the screen shot to the right. From those options you will need to select on the "Share" icon (which you can see near the right hand side of the screen). If you've used the "share" facility on Android in the past you will know what to expect
and for those that haven't used the "share" facility before it is really simple. You'll see a list of your social apps (similar to the screen shot on the left) which you can scroll down to find the exact app you want to use, for example "Twitter" or "Plume".

When you've selected the app you want to share the video on
you will be taken to the post status screen (like this screen shot of posting on Facebook). When you've added your message to go with the video just post (or share) as you would do normally and it'll be updated to your status.


  1. ENjoyed the post :) thanks for sharing such a nice Facebook Trick :)

  2. Its the youtube app go to you tube directly from your browser and the issue should be fixed

  3. Don't know how to set the video to portrait view.

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