Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A solution to an MMS problem on the HTC Wildfire

I know the phone is old an old one but people are still using it and thanks to the HTC Wildfire S the name seems to have popped up once again. I've not a Wildfire S to test on but if you are trying to send MMS (media messages) on a HTC Wildfire and keep getting a "Generic network failure" the solution is usually really simple to solve.

Most of the time if you're getting this error you are connected to Wi-Fi with your phone and as a result the phone isn't able to send OR receive things over the data network. What you need to do is turn off the Wi-Fi connection and let the phone attempt to resend the picture. This should solve that problem as long as you can actually receive an internet connection via the data network.

Please note I've not tested this with a HTC Wildfire S so I'm not sure if it's been corrected on the new version of the phone.

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