Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to use the "Folders" in the music player of a Samsung Galaxy S2

Yesterday I showed you how to sort the songs on your Samsung Galaxy S2 into things like "Genre" or "Year" and quickly mentioned the method of sorting the songs by "Folder". Now using the "Folder" option is a bit different to using the other options as the other options take are list from the tags the songs have however the "Folder" is dependent on the actual "Folder" the songs are kept in.

To explain this in a simple way you need to go onto your PC or Laptop and look at your music folders. In my case I have folders for specific artists mainly though I also have specific folders for things like "Podcasts" and "Comedy music". Originally these were made to keep my computer slightly tidier than it would have been to have 100's of Podcasts lying around the place though when put onto the phone they serve a second purpose of grouping things together.

If you look at the screen shot to the left that we have here (from Scott's phone which is genuinely a mess) you'll see most of the folders just correspond to albums such as "Healthy in Paranoid Times" by Our Lady Peace and "Hot Fuss" by The Killers. Though you can also see that he has a folder called "Kaiser Chiefs", this folder just keep all the tracks by the Kaiser Chiefs in one place so that they are easy to play together (and many of the lack the correct "Artist" tag).

What you need to do on your computer to create these "Folders" is create a folder on your computer as you normally would then place all the tracks you want into the same folder. Then copy the tracks into your phones music folder.
Alternatively you could use an explorer or the "My Files" app on your phone to create new "Folders" in your main music folder on your phone to create these pseudo playlists.


  1. Say I have 3 folders in my music folder named country, oldies and rock with 20 some folders under each one. Is there an easy way to make one playlist for each of 3 folders containing all the folders underneath it? So, for example, a playlist called oldies that played all the music in the 20 some folders under the oldies folder?

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